All sims are packaged without CC or Store Content and have only base game hair and clothing. I do use sliders and Master Controller to increase the slider multiplier, so I suggest not changing their facial features if you don't have either (or something similar). You may do whatever you wish with my sims, but please don't upload them anywhere without my permission. If you do end up using them publicly, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment - I'd love to see/read/etc. what you do with them! Also, if anyone wants a sim that is currently not listed either here or at the RL Uploads Blog, let me know and I'll get them all packaged up for ya'.

I'll be leaving links to the CC used in the preview pictures, in case anyone wishes to know where to find specific stuff. Enjoy! :)

Defaults Used (also available in ND variants):
-MESA Skintone by joedy (Not available - THIS is a good substitute).
-N61 Eyes by Tifa

>>Download Ari Dean<<

Traits: Couch Potato, Family Oriented, Grumpy, Heavy Sleeper, Virtuoso
Favorites: Hamburger, Custom Music, Black
Sign: Scorpio
LTW: One Sim Band

Hair: Newsea Shaine Chopped by Stefizzi
Eyebrows: November Exclusive Eyebrows by Shyne
Clothing: Store

Hair: Cazy's Lemon Retexture by Beaverhausen
Eyebrows: Just a Pair of Eyebrows by Rosa
Clothing: Shirt by Mochi029 // Everything else is either from the store or various EP's

Hair: Store
Eyeliner: N7 by Tifa
Lipstick: N53 by Tifa
Freckles: Part 1 & Part 2 by Vasilla
Clothing: Store/EP's

>>Download Jarrod Canales<<

Hair: EP
Eyebrows: Eyebrows 05 by Shock & Shame
Clothing: Store/EP's

>>Download Bellegere Dean<<

Traits: Ambitious, Artistic, Natural Cook, Neat, Loves the Outdoors
Favorites: Potato and Truffle Torte, Dark Wave, Purple
Sign: Pisces
LTW: Celebrated 5 Star Chef

Hair: Millet Retexture by I Like The Sims
Eyebrows: Eyebrows Collection by Ephemera
Lipstick: N57 by Tifa
Piercing: Head Like a Hole Set by Sleepless Angel
Clothing: Shirt is from an EP // Alice Jeans by Serabiet // Meronin Boots Conversion by Rayne

Hair: Skysims 19 Retexture by Beaverhausen
Lipstick: 29B by S-Club Privee
Freckles: Part 1 & Part 2 by Vasilla
Clothing: Store/EP's

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