Sunday, December 2, 2012

[Prologue] Chapter 3 - My Maudlin Career

The title of this chapter is named after a song by Camera Obscura.

Ari quickly gets over her fear of possible contaminants in the water; especially when going two days without a proper shower begins to... become ever more apparent.

Besides, if the water is contaminated, the effects of exposure will likely produce a latent health issue that won't present itself until much, much later. 

Meh.  At least she won't smell anymore.

Niles leaves the newspaper from that morning on the table.  Ari picks it up reluctantly after eating breakfast and peruses the job section.  Her situation isn't quite desperate yet, but if she isn't able to make some money soon she might be forced to eat her own words and, Maker forbid, actually apply for one of these positions. Or, worst case scenario, even take Niles up on his offer.

Not in this lifetime!

Ari grabs her brother's guitar and heads straight to the park.  She'll play that guitar for measly tips until her fingers bleed before she gives in. 'TIL HER FINGERS BLEED DAMMIT.

Cosette's garden is growing and no one is more surprised than she is.  What produce she doesn't save for the house, she sells to the local grocery store.  Apparently there's a large market for organic, local grown fruits and vegetables which brings in a small, but consistent income.  

Cosette corners Niles as soon as he returns home from work and before he can pass out in their bed.  After his recent promotion, he's been working long hours and as much as she appreciates his dedication - she would like to spend time with him every now and again.

"Let's have a date-night." She proposes.

Niles finishes brushing his teeth and then pulls Cosette into a tight embrace.  He smirks slightly when she gasps in surprise by the sudden contact.  "Are you saying you miss me?" 

"Every day." She says, bringing her hands up to cup his face affectionately. "And now more than ever with your current work schedule."

Niles sighs as he pulls her closer. "I know, sweet heart.  I'm sorry about that." 

"Don't be.  Just promise me that we won't drift apart.  That we take time for just us."

"Promise." Niles nods. "And we can start tonight." He waggles his brow suggestively as he leads the way to their room.

Cosette doesn't object.

Across town, Ari heads to the newly opened dance club after a mildly unsuccessful day of busking.  She did manage to make 50 simoleons, but that was nowhere near how much she wanted to make.  Blowing a few dollars on a drink didn't seem like it would do much harm...

... plus, perhaps she might be able to convince some of the sparse patrons in the bar to donate to her "I'm a loser" fund. 

The sound of someone playing the piano catches Ari's attention.

She motions to the drums near him on stage, silently asking him if he wishes for some company.  He smiles in reply, slowing the tune so she can join in.

The rhythm he sets is slow, but melodic.  Calming - with just the right amount of jazz to keep her interested. She speeds the tune up a bit, the piano player happily changing tempo to keep up.

They continue playing song after song, each challenging the other.  Ari relishes this - the feeling of creating something with someone else - and it's clear that the man enjoys it too.

But all too soon, the bartender is closing up shop and shooing them from the stage.

Ari nods her head congenially as a goodbye, but the man stops her short - blocking her way. "You're a great drummer!" He enthuses.

Ari smirks. "I damn well better be.  I've been playing since I was a child."

"Well at least you don't lack in confidence." He laughs. "Listen - I want you to help me start a band."

Ari's smile disappears as she takes on a neutral expression.  She's been down this road before - bands never work out - but then, maybe it can this time.  This guy is certainly talented and they played well together, that's always a plus. "I... am more of a solo act."

"And I can respect that, but maybe I can convince you otherwise."

"Oh?" Ari asks, quirking her brow.

"I've seen you around town, playing on corners for money.  There's money in joining a band, especially in Twinbrook."

"I wasn't doing that just for the money." She lies, but it's obvious he can see through her.  She sighs heavily with a deep frown. "Can I have the night to think about it?"

His hopeful smile as he hands her a card with his contact information temporarily dissipates her initial reservations a bit - but only a tiny bit. "The name's Quincy. Take the night, please.  Take the next week! Just promise me you'll actually consider it.  We would make a good team."

And she keeps to her promise as soon as she gets back home.  Assuming she and Quincy are able to put together a semi-decent band and score some good gigs, this could turn into just what she needs - at least financially.  The prospect of having to work with others isn't exactly enticing, given her past experiences of being in a band, but Quincy seems nice enough and - fuck it. Why not?

She calls him that night to confirm that she's in, for better or worse.  If it doesn't work out, she'll just be back at square one.  No harm done.

Ari is up earlier than noon for once.  Quincy called her that morning asking if she had the time to help him pass out flyers for band auditions at the park.  Niles is happily surprised when she spills the beans on her daily plans.

"A band huh?" He smiles. "This will be a good thing for you."

"You think?"

"Hell yeah! It will get you out of the house a bit and even if it doesn't bring in the cash you're hoping, you'll meet some people in town who aren't your family."

"Is that your subtle way of telling me you want me out of the house more?" Ari smirks.

"Me and Cosette have something planned for tonight if you don't mind staying out a bit later.  Help a brotha' out?" He pouts, earning a snicker from Ari.  

"Oh fine.  Just... keep your activities far from my bed okay?"

Niles laughs. "Sure thing sis."

Cutting it short because this would have become the longest chapter on the planet...

I already stated this in the MTS chat thread, but the family tree (link found in the sidebar) is updated and all three Dean's are up at the RLC Uploads Blog'adoodle.

YARR! Moving on...


  1. Yay, great chapter!
    Niles and Cosette are really sweet together. And now Ari is in a band! I hope it works out for her. =D

    1. Thanks!

      I hope it works out too. So far, so good although she has yet to have actual gig. :/

  2. Haha, all the interactions between the 3 are so cute. I'm hoping that Quincy and Ari can work together well and form an awesome band.

    1. Thank you for commenting!

      She and Niles haven't talked about him joining quite yet.. but that will be broached later. ;) You are onto to something! Lol.

  3. I agree with Melissa, those two are adorable together. I worry about Ari, though, she seems like the type who would get hurt easily if she ever lets her guard down.

    1. Thank you!

      Oh you are definitely correct about Ari. *nods* She's more sensitive than she lets on...

  4. Great chapter---Ari is such a neat sim! :D I hope she and Quincy are able to form a band and be successful at it!

    I also have to say---I love Cossette's socks! :P

    1. I hope they are too! The last time I did the band roll, it glitched horribly - so I'm hoping with some fixes it will work. *crosses fingers*

      Thanks for reading/commenting. :)

  5. Alright! I just finished...EVERYTHING. I read the Dennis, Harris, and now this! Gotta say...bummed about how the last legacy ended. But I gotta say I'm pretty pumped to see what you have up your sleeve for this one!

    1. Whoa! That is a lot of reading. You made my day!!

      I'm bummed too. I had a good thing going with the vampire subplot and Harlan/Dafne, but I just couldn't finish it or remember where I was going with it by the time I came back to playing.

      Ah well. Shiny new legacy entices the Giga.

  6. I'm liking Ari more and more - she's complex and troubled. Lets hope the weird locals of Twinbrook appreciate a good band! Good luck with Quincy too. :)

  7. Hopefully Ari's band will work out. Quincy seems like a nice enough guy. Niles and Cosette are adorable together.

    1. They are, aren't they? :P

      Thanks for reading/commenting! It gives me warm fuzzies. <3